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Top on demand yoga classes

Starting in India at least 5,000 years ago, yoga can be thought f as a union of mind, body and soul. By carefully controlling your breath as you gently challenge your body, yoga can give a little peace, calm and focus to your day.

Whether you’re a curious beginner or an ultra-flexible improver, we have plenty of free, on-demand videos to help you on your journey.


For new starters

If you’re brand new to yoga, a relaxing session after a busy day at work can be a great place to start. Sarah Beth offers a variety of yoga routines, from beginner through to advanced, intense balance sessions.

Relax and unwind



A little more challenging

If you’re looking to step up your yoga practice, Team GB diving start Leon Taylor can show you how with these 20-minute, well structured and easy to follow videos. Featuring some more challenging postures and longer holds, these videos are perfect for developing your inner yogi that little bit further.

Be challenged


For older people

older people yoga exercises

Age is no barrier to yoga. In fact, it can help build muscle tone and improve flexibility which can help with mobility issues. Yoga is very adaptable and often small modifications will make postures far more accessible.

Try something new



For energy

yoga for energy

Even a short yoga session can be a great way to boost your energy levels. Exercise increases the circulation of blood around your body, and releases endorphins (the happy hormone) that also helps boost your mood and give a great kick start to your day.

Get moving



For sleep


bedtime yoga

As well as waking you up, yoga can also help you have a more restful sleep. By taking some time to calm your mind and unwind before bedtime, you may find you settle faster and sleep deeper with the worries of the day weighing less on you.

Calm your mind



For MS

MS chair yoga

Yoga has the potential to lessen several physical symptoms of MS and may contribute to improved strength, flexibility, posture, balance, focus, circulation, digestion, elimination, and pelvic floor health and to decreased tension, fatigue, and spasticity. Taking it easy and listening to your body is crucial but can provide real benefits to your overall health.

Move gently



For arthritis

yoga for arthritis

Yoga is a gentle exercise and so less stressful on joints, and can also offer physical and psychological benefits. Practicing yoga regularly can improve muscle strength and joint flexibility, while boosting mood and controlling stress. Some forms of yoga involve quickly moving from pose to pose and count as a light cardiovascular exercise. With regular practice, you can build up strength and flexibility, and try faster motions or more weight-bearing moves.

Try some moves


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