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Top Tips

Getting Active and Staying Active

Deciding you want to be more active is a great first step, but sometimes staying committed when life is busy can be tricky. We’ve pulled together some of our top tips for staying active all year round.

For more ideas on how to be active, check out our ‘Active Resources’ page.

Active Resources


Get Organised

By making a plan at the start of each week you can reduce some of the barriers you might face. Think about what kit you’ll need, when you are going to eat, make childcare arrangements etc.  This will make it easier to get sessions done.

Build It Up Gradually

We can’t all be Jessica Ennis-Hill! Trying to do too much too soon can be demotivating, be realistic and set yourself small, achievable goals

Mix It Up

Try and find a range of activities that you enjoy and that suit your mood (and the great British weather!), some days that might be a gentle yoga session or a walk, other days it might be a HIIT class or a bike ride

Consider Home Workouts

There is loads of great online content to help you get fit, perfect if you’re short on time, money or don’t feel ready to bust your Zumba moves in public yet!

Keep It Social

You are much more likely to stay active if it forms part of your social life.  If you exercise with a friend, or make new friends through your activity, it keeps it fun and you can help each other stay motivated

There Is An App For That!

Use tools to support you, such as the NHS Choices’ Couch to 5k plan, Strava etc.

Enter An Event

Why not take part in a mass participation challenge?  Training for an event is a great way to stay motivated, there is plenty to choose from such as obstacle courses, walks and bike rides.

Build Activity Into Your Everyday Life

You are more likely to stay active if it forms part of your daily routine.  For example, jump off the bus early, take the stairs instead of the lift or walk to the shops instead of taking the car

Keep A Workout Diary

Keep a diary of your workouts and include what you did, how it made you feel and any significant milestones you achieved. This will help keep track of your progress and keep you motivated!