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Get active at home

There will always be days where getting outdoors seems like a chore. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t be active! These days, there are more ways than ever to be active at home. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination… Use what you have Being active at home doesn’t have to mean […]

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Get your walking boots on

Walking is one of the most accessible forms of exercise. Most people can add a little bit more walking into their day, and no matter how much you do, it all helps! You don’t need to have hiking boots or go for long walks up mountains. Let’s find some ways to add in extra steps  […]

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Every Minute Matters

Being more active doesn’t have to mean going from zero to a hundred all at once. Finding ways to move your body more throughout the day, even for an extra minute, will have a positive impact on your health. Moving more can help you feel happier, reduce stress, help manage pain, and keep you mobile […]

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Gardening for Health

Whiling away the hours in the garden is a blissful way to spend an afternoon. But digging in flowerbeds and cutting the grass is a lot better for you than a lot of people realise! Regardless of your age or fitness level, getting closer to nature can health improve your strength, reduce stress levels, and […]

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