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Small, easy ways to get active

Finding the time or motivation to get active can sometimes be difficult, especially if you live a busy life.

However, there are small, easy ways that you can incorporate activity into your routine in ways that suit you.

Whether you’re doing star jumps and stretches whilst the kettle is boiling, or trying out a new hobby such as jogging, it all counts.

Check out our tips below for some easy ways to keep active.



Getting active at home

Do an online tutorial

Why not grab your phone, laptop or even set your TV up for a home workout? We have lots of different online classes to try here. From strength and flexibility to relaxing yoga to calm your mind and improve your wellbeing, there’s something on there for everyone.

Do you have a health condition? Enjoy a wide range of classes that support your life and condition.

Have a kitchen disco

Kitchen, living room… anywhere in fact! Pop on some of your favourite songs and have a dance. Get the kids and dog involved! Combine it with washing the pots or making dinner but whatever you do, have fun and move your body to the beat. Music and dancing release endorphins (the happy hormone) and it’ll be an instant mood booster, as well as being great for your physical health.

Walk the dog

Or go alone, with a friend or with the kids. And don’t let the British weather put you off! Instead, embrace the elements come rain or shine; getting fresh air is always great.


A person meditating at home.

(Image by Sport England.)


Try a new walk

Getting outside for a walk, even just for a short one, is hugely beneficial mentally and physically.

Why not look for a new walk to try, or go for a quick walk before or after walk for some fresh air.

The NHS has some useful tips for getting into walking.


Try a new hobby

Getting started with running

Running is a brilliant way to keep active; it’s free and you can do it almost anywhere. Regular running has a great range of benefits from boosting your mood and helping to keep your weight under control, to reducing your risk of long-term illnesses, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.

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Getting started with swimming

Whether you want to go for a swim every now and then when the time suits you, or you want to start regularly going, everyone can find their own way to enjoy swimming. It’s a great way to keep active as it gives you an all-round workout, working almost every part of your body. It is also a great way to relax.

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Getting started with cycling

Whether you want to enjoy peaceful rides locally or you want to aim to take part in a a cycling event eventually, there is a way for everyone to enjoy cycling.

It helps to keep you healthy physically as well as mentally, and is an easy way to ‘clear your head’ and explore locally scenery.

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Regardless of your age or fitness level, getting closer to nature can health improve your strength, reduce stress levels, and even support your memory as you get older.

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Try a new fitness app

There’s a huge variety of fitness apps out there, with something for everyone. Why not have look on your App Store and see what you fancy trying? There are plenty of free options too.

We’ve put together our choice of top fitness apps below.

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We hope this has inspired you to find new ways to get active in your everyday life. Whichever new way you try, remember to take it at your pace – and enjoy it!