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Activities to help children’s mental health

Physical activity has huge potential to improve children’s mental health. Being physically active regularly can increase their self-esteem and can reduce anxiety and stress. Endorphins released during exercise also help them to feel better as they trigger a positive feeling in the body. We know getting the kids active can sometimes be difficult. Check out […]

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How being active can improve mental health

Most of us are aware that mental health is a big issue. Even more so as a consequence of the pandemic. One in four adults and one in 10 children experience mental illness. [1] However, you don’t have to have a diagnosed mental illness to still have poor wellbeing, as many people do. Physical activity […]

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Keep active in the heat

Glorious sunshine. Long warm days. Holidays and ice cream aplenty. The summer can be a wonderful time. But one thing we’re having to get used to is more frequent, longer lasting, and hotter weather. Being active when it’s hot can be dangerous, and you should take extra care when exercising or spending any time outdoors. […]

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Get active at home

There will always be days where getting outdoors seems like a chore. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t be active! These days, there are more ways than ever to be active at home. Sometimes all it takes is a little imagination… Use what you have Being active at home doesn’t have to mean […]

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Physical Activity Consensus Statements Released

The benefits of physical activity outweigh the risks. It is also safe for people living with stable long-term health conditions; these are the main messages of the New Physical Activity Risk Consensus Statements, published in November 2020 by the Physical Activity Risk Consensus Group. The group’s aim was to develop clear statements for healthcare professionals, […]

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