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Carers and Physical Activity

Taking care of others can be a demanding job, and it’s important for carers to take care of themselves too.

Physical activity is crucial for carers because it offers many benefits that can help them feel better both physically and emotionally.

Exercise can improve fitness, strength, and flexibility, which can reduce the risk of injury and sickness. It can also help manage stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, and increase confidence and self-esteem.

By making exercise a priority, carers can better fulfil their caregiving duties, as they’ll have more energy and strength to meet the demands of their role. In short, regular physical activity is a powerful tool that carers can use to stay healthy and feel better both for themselves and for those they care for.


Carers UK have loads of great advice and resources to help you find the best way for you to be active.



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Activity ideas for you

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Ideas to help you be active from Carers UK

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 Activities for the person you care for

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Ideas for activities to help you get the person you care for more active.

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Being a carer can be a challenging and lonely experience. If you feel like you need some support, Carers UK provide expert information, advice and support for unpaid carers.

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