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"I wasn’t sure if it was for me but having done a few sessions, I’ve definitely made the right choice"

Why did you start coming to Walking Football?


While my children are school, I thought it would be a good idea to keep fit by coming to do something that I enjoy. I’ve always loved football from a young age, and we support Hull City. There is also the social side, meeting likeminded people. The comradery of Walking Football. I’ve only just started but I’m absolutely loving it. I think it’s good for your mental state and obviously the physical but I’m just really enjoying it. If there is anyone thinking about doing Walking Football I would say just come along, watch for the first session if you’re a bit shy or nervous. But just come along and enjoy it. Everybody’s really welcoming and laid back and I’ve fit in really well and made some lovely friends already.


How did you find out about Walking Football?


One of my boys is with Cottingham Rangers Football Club so I looked on the website and asked some of the other parents and coaches. I’m too old for a lady’s team so I didn’t really want something that was full impact with full on tackling. So they signposted me to Walking Football and I wasn’t sure if it was for me but having done a few sessions, I’ve definitely made the right choice.


Did you do any physical activity before Walking Football?


Not really. Just walking my dogs and gentle activities. I’m always running the kids to their activities, and I think I just wanted something for me for a change because I’m always thinking ‘The boys need to go football, they need to go swimming, they need to go to all these activities, and I never actually did anything for myself. So for me it’s just something for me to get out, get fitter and enjoy it.


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