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This Girl Can

This Girl Can is a national campaign that celebrates women getting active however they want, no matter what they look like whilst doing it. They believe there’s no “right” way to get active – no matter what your pace or ability, it’s all about getting moving in a way that suits you!

Women come in all shapes and sizes and from all backgrounds. Some of us are expert sportswomen, and some of us are total beginners. It doesn’t matter – it just matters that you’re getting active. And if you’re still not sure that you can, This Girl Can are here to help you to figure out the way of getting active that’s right for you.

So far they have got nearly three million women to get more active, and they aren’t done yet!

Check out their website for plenty of ideas on how you can get active, and read the stories of women just like you. Discover activities that fit your needs, from home workouts and exercises with your child, to different types of sports, you can find something to suit you and your lifestyle.