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Prescribing Physical Activity

Making physical activity a routine part of clinical care

MS Society

Regular, moderate exercise is known to be an important part of maintaining good health and wellbeing for people with MS. There is evidence that it can help with many MS symptoms, and also with general quality of life.

‘Moving More With MS’ by the MS Society highlights the evidenced benefits of exercise for people living with MS:

• improves the overall health of people with milder MS

• helps people with more severe MS to stay as mobile and active as possible

• improves walking mobility in people with MS

• reduces disease activity in children with MS

• helps some people manage their MS symptoms

• decreases the risk of heart disease and improves mood

MS Society

Take a look at the full ‘Moving More With MS’ resource covers topics such as

  • What sort of activity should I be doing?
  • Do I need to take precautions because of my MS?
  • How can a physiotherapist or occupational therapist help?
  • Exercise for specific MS symptoms
  • Exercise videos, DVDs and books

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