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Every Minute Matters

Being more active doesn’t have to mean going from zero to a hundred all at once. Finding ways to move your body more throughout the day, even for an extra minute, will have a positive impact on your health.

Moving more can help you feel happier, reduce stress, help manage pain, and keep you mobile and flexible for more of your life.

However you do it, every minute matters.


Bit of a boogie

You can’t beat a bit of a boogie in your kitchen. Stick your favourite tunes on while you’re getting dinner ready or waiting on a brew and show off some fancy footwork!

Dancing is great for balance and co-ordination, and the good news is that you’ll get a good cardio workout even if you have two left feet.


Get a jump start

Skipping isn’t just for kids and boxers; it’s a low-cost, fun and challenging way to get your body moving and work on your balance.

Getting started can be a bit tricky if it’s been a few years, but once you find your groove it’s a great quick workout you can fit in almost anywhere.



Pop to the shop

Sometimes all you need is a reason to get outside for a bit. Popping down the shop for a loaf of bread or some milk gives you an excuse to leave the car behind and have a nosey around your neighbourhood.

Walking is great for strengthening your bones, getting your heart rate up, and depending on how heavy your shopping is, can be a good opportunity for some strength training.


Stay in, work out

If one good thing came from the lockdown, it was the huge explosion in exercise videos available online for everyone to do in the comfort of their own home.

We’ve got loads available on Active My Way, specially curated with age and health condition in mind, so there’s plenty for you to have a go at when you have a spare half hour!


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Get involved

One thing being active is great for is making friends. Joining a new group can help you meet people and learn new skills together, giving you a new social group to spend time with.

We have lots listed on our activity finder, but a quick Google or a chat with your local leisure centre will help you find one that’s right for you.


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Images used courtesy of the Centre for Ageing Better and Sport England